LGAT Updates from the Blogs

In the tradition of sharing the link love, here are some interesting recent articles related to Large Group Awareness Training that have come out recently:

Muckraking Landmark Education
Touching on some of the more controversial aspects of the organization. From ben’s commonplace book.

Google faces legal challenges over video copyright
Landmark has landed itself in some sort of legal entanglement with Google Video, and this has been spread on the Reuters news service. All because of a documentary made in France almost three years ago, Voyage to the Land of the New Gurus. More on this in a later post. From South Punjab Blog.

Lifespring Memories
This one comes from the blog, Sufferin’ Succotash. A very interesting take on this controversial, defunct organization.

Gentle Wind Project becalmed
Great post about the Gentle Wind Project, as per the blog: “a cult that for more than two decades defrauded its members of millions of dollars.” As taken from the blog, disinterested party.

WARNING: Survivors of Sexual Abuse Could Be Easy Targets – Landmark Forum
The views of other sites/blogs are not necessarily those of the editors of our blog, but this post has lots of interesting resources, including a 2005 article from GQ magazine. The blog is Jewish Survivors of Sexual Violence Speak Out, and it’s also related to their associated site, The Awareness Center, which has some more resources on similar topics.