LGAT News Ending 2006

Some interesting Large Group Awareness Training related posts for the end of 2006:

Challenge Day: Bringing Transformational Workshops to a School Near You.
Cult News
The Cult News article by Frank Sherwin, M.D. describes how at least three members of the Challenge Day leadership were influenced by other “seminar companies”.

Notes on Asiaworks
According to the Awareness Page, the founder of Asia Works has his roots in the controversial Lifespring training, which was defendant of several lawsuits regarding deaths and psychotic episodes.

Sect covered up sex assaults on two children
The Sidney Morning Herald
The Age has obtained a document showing the Brethren leadership ignored written warnings as early as 1991 that the perpetrator, a serial molester, had “sexually assaulted many young women within the sect”.

The Hillsong Cult
The Daily Behemoth
Post which provides some interesting links to other posts/discussion boards on the subject.


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