Tidbits and updates

Flirtation with the Cult/LGAT
A MySpace post about a Large Group Awareness Training seminar experience. The group is not mentioned directly by name, but a vivid portrayal of events is described along with interesting commentary. There was also a follow-up posting, entitled: How the Cult Works: Hypnotic Secrets.

Free Keith Henson
A blog setup to help get the truth out about this incredibly scary story about the rights, or lack thereof, of freedom of speech and assembly in the United States. More information available on the Henson story at CNET News, All Headline News, p2p.net, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, The Press-Enterprise, as well as sites 10 Zen Monkeys, and Welcome to Pottersville. Oh, and the story has been officially Slashdotted.

Cephas Ministries
Detailed index with links to lots of various forms of Large Group Awareness Training organizations, as well as research and methodological theories.

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