The Invasion, "cultism" and Werner Erhard

The movie The Invasion starring Nicole Kidman came out recently, and it is most intriguing that in film reviews in two different publications, both made reference to Werner Erhard in comparisons to the creepy nature of the film about an alien invasion.

The Cleveland Free Times, Film Picks, Volume 15, Issue 16, August 22, 2007 :
“Philip Kaufman’s superb 1978 reimagining took the pod people into the age of self-help gurus like Werner Erhard.”

Los Angeles City Beat, Concept Snatchers, August 23, 2007:
“Siegel’s film was an instant classic, so there was a lot of skepticism when Philip Kaufman decided to remake it in 1978. While few thought Kaufman managed to top the original, he at least refashioned the story to comment on specific elements of the era. Communism was no longer the threat, but rather cultism: In the film’s terms, Karl Marx was less scary than Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Werner Erhard.”

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