Intuition by Best Practice Moderator blocks questions re: XL Foundation, Landmark Education

Ecademy Suppress Free Speech claiming XL Foundation Business Partnership
Ecademy Facebook Officer Lawrence Perry Banned On Ecademy Website because of concerns over Ecademy links.
Released September 2, 2007.

This news is also at a different site, at:
Ecademy Facebook Officer Lawrence Perry Banned On Ecademy Website

According to the report: “Intuition by Best Practice Moderator blocks questions being asked about the XL Foundation, and their partner Landmark Education.” The writer goes on to note: “I hold dual nationality with France, and as a French Citizen I am concerned that Landmark Education are not allowed to practice in France. Why are they then allowed to practice in the UK?”

It appears from this post that this user’s ability to post writings were compromised by this group associated with Landmark Education.

For the background to the writer’s question as to why Landmark Education are not allowed to practice in France, that is not entirely correct. This is explained in more detail by cult expert Rick Ross, in the Cult News article: “Why did Landmark Education leave France?“.

Here is an index, to other Cult News articles on the subject of Landmark Education and the Landmark Forum, as well as some discussion and background on Werner Erhard, EST/Erhard Seminars Training, and Werner Erhard and Associates.


2 Responses

  1. I Failed As A Social Networker

    “Be careful you will frighten all the little fishes”, my father said to me as I threw the pebble into the stream.

    Social networks think that we can be programmed. They also think that by advertising that they can sell to us, and members in some social networks even think they can swindle us.

    This really is the ‘catch’ in social networking, and the emphasis that I am placing on ‘catch’ in this case is ‘drawback’.

    Can you afford the time to join a social network that not only promises to increase your business, your connections, but also your success as well!

    Unbelievable isn’t it that some suckers actually fall for this crap!

    I joined the Ecademy Business network in April 2005 and thought that I would increase the amount of business that I would get, by increasing my website views etc. The platform was active and shortly after that I met Thomas Power, the founder of the platform at Birmingham City Hall (known as the Council House). Power was speaking to some 25 people about Social Networking and it reminded me of the Varsity Club. I asked Power what I could do to succeed everyday in Ecademy, and he told me to blog about anything, on a daily basis.

    After that I blogged, blogged, blogged, and learnt to patronize Power……over the years.

    Do you think that all new business entrepreneurs are that naive, into believing a system?

    Ecademy has one virtue that other networks don’t have, and that is the power to lift yourself by name on to the front page, and onto the top of Google. It can also let you be seen under your tags high on Google, and thereby get you business.

    Ecademy did help me to improve my blogging, and my understanding of business.

    The downside of any network though is unwelcome spam, and constant attempts from people to sell you things that you don’t want. On Ecademy I was pelted with advertising from business coaches, wealth experts and invitations to Triumphant Events, that actually was a door to a cult – can you imagine that you join Ecademy and loose your soul! Ecademy is as I have stated a door to an illusion, a cult in disguise.

    Ecademy made the point that they would not allow MLM on their platform, but it did not stop them from trying to promote Blackstar life membership of their platform as an asset, to the point that I went to a Blackstar introduction, and was fascinated by the theory that in wealth dynamics you could be a Star, a Mechanic, Creator, Deal Maker etc of twelve categories. The idea underneath this rung of mysticism was that if you were in an organization which had eight of these categories you could have a million £ business.

    Ecademy has 400 Blackstars who have paid large sums of money to join, and Ecademy have increased Blackstar Membership to £8,500 a year. The increase of Blackstars is down to a reported number of False Accounts including two Ecademy Development Test Accounts. Could you be fooled into paying a large sum of money for no yield?

    I took the wealth dynamics course for US$100 and was asked to answer 15 questions – it was a simple personality test and it suggested that I was a Deal Maker. An interesting theory, but totally naive re the million £ business opportunity. It just goes to show that soft selling can lead you to buy things that you do not need!

    The Ecademy platform has been taken over by a clique who are self-opinionated, and if you fell to dot your ps and qs, you can be significantly bullied, as at times I was.

    Why does Ecademy allow Roger Hamilton and XL Results foundation to draw members to Triumphant Events and fleece them?

    I failed on Ecademy to be the member that they wanted me to be, a person that said the right things, and did not challenge the status quo.

    I don’t think that social networks want individuals, they want followers. They want control, and Ecademy is no exception – volunteers work for peanuts on Best Practice, dishing out rules that themselves are ignored by Ecademy Management.

  2. Triumphant Events and XL Results Foundation scam update

    Non disclosure to XL Results Foundation Life Members – Fraudulent Business

    Daniel Priestley of Triumphant Events in the United Kingdom, St John’s House, St John’s Square London. and the promoter of XL Results Foundation and Roger Hamilton has been prosecuted in Australia for misleading small business owners.

    In June 2007 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) commenced legal action against The Triumphant Group Pty Ltd (trading as Triumphant Events) for alleged contraventions of the Trade Practices Act 1974.

    The Federal Court of Australia has declared by consent that Triumphant, by engaging in the above conduct, contravened the Act. The Court also made orders by consent restraining Triumphant from engaging in the offending conduct in the future.

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