Comedian Mark Day is a cult hit

I have caught a few of comedian Mark Day’s videos on YouTube, and they are really funny. These videos on YouTube have a cult following, and many of his videos have been watched thousands or hundreds of thousands of times. His Web site is his MySpace page.

Here are some of the more poignant comedic posts from YouTube that relate to phenomenon involving Large Group Awareness Training, as well as other topics that have been previously discussed on this blog :

Secret secrets of THE SECRET revealed

Note : Previous posts on “The Secret” – “The Secret” – David Schirmer exposed, and The Secret… Cult?.

Having Tom Cruise’s Babies

FYI, an update on Tom Cruise and his plans for his other children: NOW Magazine, Tom Cruise sends kids to Scientology summer camp, or invariably also see Bang! Showbiz.


See for more background BBC NEWS, Germany imposes ban on Tom Cruise, and Spiegel Online, CONTROVERSIAL CULT: German Parties Reject Bid to Ban Scientology.

Re: Mia the YouTube Editor

Beware, the “Cult Awareness Network” that Mark Day refers to in this last

 above video is now effectively controlled by the Church of Scientology. For more information, please see: 60 Minutes, December 28, 1987, CAN, the Cult Awareness Network (transcript), video here at XenuTV, CNNGroup that once criticized Scientologists now owned by one. Also see the Cult Awareness Network topic archive, from Cult News.

Hope you enjoyed these above videos. As you can see, Mark Day is both funny in an off-beat sort of way, but also informative about topics he clearly has researched and has some background info on.

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