Mankind Project or Dancing Naked With Other Men While Beating Cooked Chickens

The controversial group known as Mankind Project and also known as New Warrior Training Adventure has gotten some interesting online exposure lately. 

A little background – Mark Roggeman, an exit-counselor for individuals trapped in cults,  writes at the Haven Ministries site : “MKP [Mankind Project] history comes through a long line of Human Potential Movements that began in the 1960’s.”  Roggeman cites Mind Dynamics, and the book The Pit: A Group Encounter Defiled  for some background on the Human Potential Movement.  He goes on to cite some controversial groups that influenced this movement as well as Mankind Project, such as Lifespring, Werner Erhard, Erhard Seminars Training (Roggeman puts it that this group has “transformed itself into the Landmark Forum.”), Justin Sterling and Sterling Institute of Relationship.  More at Roggeman’s article, aptly titled The Mankind Project.  Also check out Roggeman’s article, Oh Man, What Kind of Project Is This?

If you really want to learn a whole lot more about some of the more interesting and somewhat controversial practices of the group, check out this long discussion thread at the Cult Education Forum.  As of last check, the message board thread is over 52 pages long !

Oh, and the satirical poke, humorous take for the title of this post?  Yeah, that wasn’t just something the writer of this post made up – according to the Houston Press, men do really dance naked while beating cooked chickens at some of these Mankind Project events !

But the truth is not funny, and not satirical, unfortunately.  For more on this, read the sad, sad story, of Michael Scinto.

 Recent articles on Mankind Project :

Ronnie Earle, Travis Co. (TX) DA, Dances Naked With Other Men While Beating Cooked Chickens, Red State

Cover Story: The ManKind Project, Houston Press, October 4, 2007

Naked Men: The ManKind Project and Michael Scinto, Houston Press, October 4, 2007 – “The organization was supposed to make him a better man. Instead, his parents say, it made him a dead one.”

For more background and resources :

The Mankind Project, article at Haven Ministries site, written by Mark Roggeman – “Mark Roggeman has been involved in outreach to those affected by cults and other high demand groups for a period of thirty years.”

Mankind Project / New Warrior Training Adventure, information and archived articles, at the Rick A. Ross Institute for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements

Oh Man, What Kind of Project Is This?“, by Mark Roggeman, Midwest Outreach 12 (1), Pages 8-10.

Discussion groups and message boards :

Discussion thread on Mankind Project, Cult Education Forum, begun with the emotional plea:  “Anyone with any information regarding this group, please I beg you to post it here. It is horrifying what these men and women go through. Any feedback is appreciated.”

ex_mkp · ex_mkp-Freedom from ManKind Project cult, Yahoo! Group, mentioned in the Houston Press article, Naked Men: The ManKind Project and Michael Scinto – “This group is for help and support of men and their families who have had problems with the ManKind Project or NWTA New Warrior Training Adventure “


5 Responses

  1. Yecch. Mankind leaders = sharks smelling blood. Do any of the ticketholders get eaten at the end of the seminars? It would seem fitting.

    At any rate, in general … I like the spotlight you shine, LGATT.

  2. This just highlights the most scary stories anybody ever had about the ManKind Project.

    I would like to clarify whenever I did the Weekend the dance with other men was not done naked as the men were wearing warrior regalia. Any man doing the Weekend can decline any activity that he doesn’t want to do. Any ritual involving a chicken was done to a chicken from the grocery store, prepared as food, as humor.

    Thousands of men have done the ManKind project at centers all over the world. The basis for it is Jungian psychology and ancient practices from more primitive times. The Weekend training has been recommended by psychologists and counselors for some participants. The leaders are poets, artists, psychologists. Men of all kinds participate and find their commonality.

    So please don’t just reduce it to nonsense!


  3. okay so like my mom’s boyfriend owns a summer camp and twice a year the mankind project stays it is very akward they chant and they dont tell us anything

  4. Go and find out for yourselves.

  5. @em18lolz I am sorry it is awkward for you. I think I know what you meant about chanting. Chanting is sort of crazy, but sometimes to gain sanity requires a little bit of craziness. People do various semi-wild activities at summer camp. At the MKP I can only remember two different chants and that is a very intense part of the weekend. The whole experience is meant to be psychologically intense and meaningful, unlike most things that happen in daily life, e.g. working, counting up money, filling out forms, doing paperwork, keeping appointments etc. so that is why it has some chants I think. It has something to do with returning to animal senses, if that makes any sense.

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