Concerns raised around the blogosphere

Here are some posts you may find enlightening, I know I did.

(Click on the bolded dates for the posts)

Iron Raptor looks like he’s at least using the Internet to do some preliminary research which is a very good thing. Take a look at this post from August 30, 2008.

Skeptik is wise, this post is from August 10, 2008.

Lady Nyo posts in this August 10, 2008 piece how she is “losing friends to a particular cult” and my heart goes out to her.

Though this blog is called Rambling Content, the concerns raised don’t seem rambling at all. Check out this post from August 8, 2008.

Cult News always has great stuff, very well researched, here is a disturbing piece from August 5, 2008.

Marmalade has some interesting points to consider here in this post about New Age from July 21, 2008.

The Macho Response has lots of good stuff as usual, here is a gem from July 17, 2008.

This July 4, 2008 post from the Complicity blog has lots and lots of valuable links and resources.


One Response

  1. Thanks for your concern…it’s an epidemic around here….

    but also….I have been involved in a ‘relationship’ that had some of the issues of ‘control’ that I complained of with cults.

    Some people are very persuasive and IF you are naive or inexperienced, needy for something in your life….you can make some very bad judgements.

    I did….and now am trying to make sense of it all. And pick up the pieces that was torn off in the doing….

    My bad…but his just as much and more so, because he knew what he was doing.

    When you go into any relationship, whether and affair (it wasn’t that) or a mentoring program…..learn something first with whom you dance….you can end up on the floor very confused as to what happened.

    Only time will allow things to settle, but the heart still remembers some of the bad things and scars are common…perhaps they heal and become wisdom???

    Lady Nyo

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