Disappointing lunch

Disappointing lunch

Knox Bronson Music and Art

Knox Bronson gives a most interesting audio commentary on a controversial Large Group Awareness Training. Take note of the entertainingly fervent responses in the comments section. See more at: Knox Bronson Music and Art.

Dean Brandon

Dean Brandon links readers to this intriguing reflection on a Large Group Awareness Training, in this post drawing attention to a YouTube video clip. Again the response posts make for amusing reading material.

The PR Verdict

The folks over at The PR Verdict analyze this disappointing lunch date, and they comment on the behavior of the subject being interviewed. Note what caused more than a hint of irritation from his luncheon companion.” The conclusion: “this was a disappointment.”

Food for thought

Is it possible that those same characters who often show up to praise leaders of controversial Large Group Awareness Training organizations themselves suffer from debilitating cognitive dissonance ?


What are the criteria of a ‘cult’ ?

What are the criteria of a ‘cult‘ ?

A relatively new YouTube user, bradbavarde, compares a description from Webster’s Dictionary to his opinion of certain characteristics of a Large Group Awareness Training organization. Take a moment to watch this video about bradbavarde’s commentary on these criteria, and decide for yourself:

Here are some additional resources discussing ‘cult’ criteria:

What is a Destructive Cult?FACTnet

Criteria for Determining If a Group is a Destructive CultCult Awareness and Information Center

Dr. Robert Jay Lifton’s Criteria for Thought Reformex-cult Resource Center

Defining a CultThe Ross Institute Internet Archive for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements

Cults 101: Checklist of Cult CharacteristicsInternational Cultic Studies Association

What are the Characteristics of a Religious Cult?The Prem Rawat Talk Forum

And once again, a more humorous but also disturbing take on how to start a “Mind Control Cult”:

As always, you are encouraged to watch the above videos, read the information provided at the links, research more and educate yourselves – and decide for yourself.

Former ‘Landmark Forum’ Introduction Leader speaks out

Lars Bergwik was an “Introduction Leader” to the Landmark Forum course at Landmark Education. He is now speaking out publicly against Landmark Education in video posts on YouTube.

I think his videos speak best for themselves so I will just say go watch them. If you don’t have much time, just watch the first one.

Here are his videos about Landmark (there are seven so far):

Landmark Education Lars Bergwik part 1

Landmark Education Lars Bergwik Video part 2

Landmark Education – Lars Bergwik on Randy McNamara – FL

Landmark Education – Lars talks part one

Landmark Education – Lars talks part two

Landmark education -Lars talks part three

Landmark Eduction – Lars talks part four

Some links:

Discussion thread about it at Cult Education Forum

Discussion thread about it at alt.fan.landmark

Blog post at The Macho Response: Go, Lars, Go!!!

Why did Landmark Education Leave France?Cult News

The Chaser’s War on Everything – The Secret

The Chaser’s War on Everything – The Secret

And who said Scientology was the only quack belief Jamie Packer has time for? – quote from the show.

These guys are absolutely hysterical. I will have to check out some more of there stuff, I’m sure there are probably other videos that are relevant to this blog’s various topics as well.

Note: This blog’s previous posts on The Secret include Comedian Mark Day is a cult hit, “The Secret” – David Schirmer exposed, and of course, The Secret… Cult?.

Comedian Mark Day is a cult hit

I have caught a few of comedian Mark Day’s videos on YouTube, and they are really funny. These videos on YouTube have a cult following, and many of his videos have been watched thousands or hundreds of thousands of times. His Web site is his MySpace page.

Here are some of the more poignant comedic posts from YouTube that relate to phenomenon involving Large Group Awareness Training, as well as other topics that have been previously discussed on this blog :

Secret secrets of THE SECRET revealed

Note : Previous posts on “The Secret” – “The Secret” – David Schirmer exposed, and The Secret… Cult?.

Having Tom Cruise’s Babies

FYI, an update on Tom Cruise and his plans for his other children: NOW Magazine, Tom Cruise sends kids to Scientology summer camp, or invariably also see Bang! Showbiz.


See for more background BBC NEWS, Germany imposes ban on Tom Cruise, and Spiegel Online, CONTROVERSIAL CULT: German Parties Reject Bid to Ban Scientology.

Re: Mia the YouTube Editor

Beware, the “Cult Awareness Network” that Mark Day refers to in this last

 above video is now effectively controlled by the Church of Scientology. For more information, please see: 60 Minutes, December 28, 1987, CAN, the Cult Awareness Network (transcript), video here at XenuTV, CNNGroup that once criticized Scientologists now owned by one. Also see the Cult Awareness Network topic archive, from Cult News.

Hope you enjoyed these above videos. As you can see, Mark Day is both funny in an off-beat sort of way, but also informative about topics he clearly has researched and has some background info on.

Donald Rumsfeld – a Werner Erhard "disciple" ?

Donald Rumsfeld Known Unknowns

In a post from March 2005 entitled: IS DON RUMSFELD A WERNER ERHARD DISCIPLE? , blogger Cosmic Iguana wondered if this statement at a February 12, 2002 press briefing by Donald Rumsfeld sounded a bit … odd.

“As we know,
There are known knowns.
There are things we know we know.
We also know
There are known unknowns.
That is to say
We know there are some things
We do not know.
But there are also unknown unknowns,
The ones we don’t know
We don’t know.”–
Feb. 12, 2002 news briefing

Hart Seely compiled some of the more amusing or even disturbing Donald Rumsfeld statements into poetry pieces, in Slate Magazine, in articles such as The poetry of D. H. Rumsfeld: Recent works by the Secretary of Defense. Here is a different site devoted to the subject with lyrics and clips: The Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld – Lyrics and Sound Clips. Hart Seely went on to compile some of these items into a book called Pieces of Intelligence: The Existential Poetry of Donald H. Rumsfeld.

Could it be that Donald Rumsfeld was a disciple of Werner Erhard or a devotee of the company Landmark Education’s Landmark Forum training ? There is a long discussion about this in the comments section at the Cosmic Iguana post, IS DON RUMSFELD A WERNER ERHARD DISCIPLE? A message board thread from the Cult Education Forum section on Large Group Awareness Training provides some information on Landmark Education, which they call: “Accessing New Possibilities”. Here is the info, which sounds almost verbatim like the Donald Rumsfeld blather above: “Standard educational methods enhance what you know and explore what you don’t know. Landmark Education gives you access to what you don’t even know that you don’t know.” See message board thread on the topic, from the Cult Education Forum.

Incidentally, Landmark Education unsuccessfully sued cult expert Rick Ross in an attempt to learn the identity of anonymous posters on the Cult Education Forum message board. Cult News described the legal defeat of Landmark Education, in the article Landmark Education suffers humiliating legal defeat in New Jersey Federal Court. Attorneys Peter L. Skolnik and Michael A. Norwick also describe this litigation, in the Introduction to the Landmark Education litigation archive.

Two different Jamie Kennedy’s and their views on cults

This sketch led by “cult leader” Jamie Kennedy for his show, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment is absolutely hysterical.

Jamie Kennedy Experiment – Bliss Cult

Just another bit of comedy, to break up some of the more serious posts.

Ironically, a different Jamie Kennedy, who now goes by Jamie DeWolf, has also been critical of cults, in his slam poetry piece entitled: “Judas’ Son.”

Here is Jamie DeWolf, on the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show:

Scientology: L. Ron Hubbard’s Great-Grandson